Tuesday, December 10, 2013

11 டிசம்பர் 2013 தோழர் K .G .போஸ் அவர்களின் . 39 வது நினைவு நாள்

Statue of Com.KG Bose will be installed at KG Bose Bhawan on 11th December 2013
A statue of Com. K.G.Bose, the Revolutionary Leader of the Central Govt. and P and T employees, will be installed at KG Bose Bhawan, New Delhi on 11th December 2013, on his 39th Death Anniversary. The Statue is being donated by the W.Bengal Circle, BSNLEU.BSNLEU has shown that it implements what it preaches. The All India Conference at Thiruvananthapuram in 2010 decided to have own building for BSNLEU CHQ at New Delhi and within the next AIC at Ludhiana in 2012, a suitable building was purchased and inaugurated in the presence of a large number of leaders and workers. A meeting of the Central Secretariat was also held there.Now the statue of Com. K.G.Bose is being installed at KG Bose Bhawan. It is only appropriate that W.Bengal Circle union has taken the responsibility to donate the same. This will be inaugurated on 11th December 2013, on the 39th death anniversary of Com.KG.-நன்றி 

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