Monday, March 10, 2014

Meeting of post 01-01-2007 Recruited TTA’s

Meeting of post 01-01-2007 Recruited TTA’s with Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri 
at Ludhiana on 06-03-2014:-
              As promised by BSNLEU Punjab, a meeting of post 01-01-2007 recruited TTA’s was organised at Ludhiana on 06-03-2014 afternoon. More than 200 Direct recruited TTA’s from all district of Punjab attended the meeting. Com. R.L Moudgill started the debate and called upon the participants to express there views and place their demands in the meeting. Before start of discussion Com. V.A.N Namboodiri President BSNLEU, explained the issues of wage reduction, designation change and reduction of qualifying service to sit in JTO LICE. All the participants were very aggressive. The complained that their issues have not been taken up by any unions seriously. Com. Namboodiri again explained the efforts made by BSNLEU for settlement of their issues like wage reduction, designation change and reducion in qualifying service condition for JTO(T) LICE. He told that it was BSNLEU only which compelled the management to reduce the qualifying service from 10 to 7 years. Com.Namboodiri assured that he will take their issues seriously in the coming meetings of the united forum and unions. Com. Namboodiri further told that not only the TTA's but other cadres are facing serious problems. The issues of stagnation of RMs, reduction of scale of Sr. T.O.As perks for line staff are very serious and striking the mind of these employees. He also shown his anxiety over deteriorating position on BSNL. He called upon the participant to be ready for any trade union action in the coming days to settle the issues of non executives. Com. Balbir Singh while addressing said that issue of service condition is very important in the mean time the availability of posts is also required. He told that at present justification of posts is being calculated on the basis of land lines and the land lines are declining day by day. He requested com. Namboodiri to take up the matter of calculation of posts on land lines only. The posts should be calculated on all the BSNL services like Mobile, Broad band and wi-max etc. After a very lively debate the meeting concluded with the slogan of joint struggle by all the cadres. All the participants assued that they will take active part in the forthcoming struggles. Com. Balwinder Singh while giving vote of thanks called upon all the participant to identify the fighting forces in BSNL and join hands with them. 

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