Monday, February 3, 2014

India telecom: broadband market share in 2013 November

            In the Indian telecom space, BSNL continues to lead the broadband service provider market share in 2013 November, TRAI data showed.TRAI said BSNL has 68.9 percent market share in the Indian broadband market.The second largest operator is Bharti Airtel with 9.1 percent share.MTNL has 7.6 percent market share in the Indian fixed line broadband market, TRAI said.
India telecom - broadband market share in November 2013
TRAI data showed that there are 14.47 million wireline broadband subscribers in the country in November, 2013.Top 10 service providers constitute 94.78 percent of total wired broadband subscriber base.BSNL has subscriber base of 9.97 million, Bharti Airtel 1.32 million, MTNL 1.11 million, Hathway Cable 0.36 million and Beam Telecom 0.34 million.
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